To identify sources of pollution and littering to the Bago River, run clean-up campaigns with subsequent evaluations and establish best practices for site clean-up and reclamation in the Bago region and beyond. These activities will contribute to reduce mobilisation of already existing litter and plastics to the Bago River, and provide guidance for management of other similarly polluted rivers in Myanmar.

Background/ Justification

The Bago River is under pressure from erosion, agricultural runoff, wastewater and waste pollution. The new Bago river Sub-Basin Area Management Plan aims to improve the ecological status of the river, and an important aspect of this is to identify, clean and reclaim heavily polluted sites to reduce the amount and impact of land-based sources of marine debris. Model sites established under this outcome will serve as encouraging examples for better waste management in Bago and beyond.


  • Assessment of pollution, litter and plastic sources in the Bago region.
  • Mapping and categorisation of informal and formal waste dumps in Bago townships.
  • Implementation and evaluation of site clean-ups to establish best practice.
  • Reclamation of selected sites for community purposes and establishment of a demonstration site.


Factsheet I (December 2020)