To trial the development and operation of sustainable waste management infrastructure with a particular focus on plastic management. This work will facilitate knowledge sharing, trust building and coordination between the various actors involved in the waste sector in Bago. The purpose of these activities is to establish sustainable waste management in Bago and identify best practices relevant for other townships aiming to improve waste management.

Background/ Justification

The lack of a sound waste handling scheme, such as collection, sorting and recycling, is a fundamental challenge in most of Myanmar, including the Bago Region. Much of the waste handling and recycling that exists is operating unsustainably. Considering the shortages of the waste handling sector it is becoming even more urgent to implement preventive, and active measures and to reduce the production of waste. The involvement of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) is crucial in this regard.


  • Identify key actors in the recycling sector industry in Bago Township.
  • Determine linkages between private sector actors, the recycling sector and the public waste management body.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for involvement of the private sector in sustainable plastic waste management.
  • Draft sustainable plastic waste management guidelines in partnership with selected private sector actors.
  • Trial operational waste handling infrastructure with a particular focus on plastics in cooperation with private and public actors.