To investigate how the River Basin Management Approach, in line with the objectives of the Myanmar National Water Framework Directive can be used as a legal and administrative framework for IWRM in Myanmar. The purpose is how this can be further replicated in other basins in the country.

Background/ Justification

The National Water Resources Committee (NWRC), the national APEX body for the governance and management of water resources in Myanmar adopted the Myanmar National Water Framework Directive in 2014. This directive which is a policy framework includes seven principles (sub-directives referring to the aim of implementing the river basin management approach in Myanmar. The MNWFD also refers to biological, chemical, hydro-morphological water quality elements and the aim of reaching good ecological status (healthy river). The aim is to gain a broad basis of experience from implementing the approach in Myanmar. Based on such experiences, national operational rules and regulations can be developed in Myanmar. 


  • Continuation of River basin management approach in Bago Sub-basin after adopting Bago River Sub-basin Management Plan.
  • River basin management in Shwe Kyin River Sub-basin, including practical water management tasks.
  • Implementation of the River Basin Management Approach in the Upper Part of the Sittaung River Basin Area;
  • Involvement of Non-Governmental Stakeholders across different ethnic groups
  • Coordination across authorities of Bago and Shwe Kyin River Sub-basins,  
  • Piloting the River Basin Management Approach in Taninthary River Basin Area, a different eco-region

Publications from first (2015-2018) and second phase (2019-2023) of the programme