December 2020: Despite the challenging Covid-19 related situation, the Bago Waste project continues its mission to improve the waste management situation in the Bago Region. The Bago Waste Group , headed by honorable Bago Region MONRFEC and Development Affairs minister Dr.Saw Nyo Win, convened digitally in October 2020. The Group includes representatives from Bago departments, the Bago Township Development Committee, and private company MJT (being responsible for waste collection), a parliament member, and secretaries from the Bago Non-governmental Stakeholder Group, The Group meeting intended to discuss and take decisions on pilot locations to clean, restore and establish waste management systems in the Bago Region. As a result, it was decided to develop two model sites in Bago city. The first is the Phayazay Market site (next to the Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda), followed by a site along the Bago river adjustant to the Kya Khat Wine Monastery. Both are public areas that contribute significantly to unregulated littering into the Bago River. Sub-groups with all relevant actors and stakeholders, were established at each site to ensure proper planning, governance and participation.

Work in the Phayazay market area started in November 2020, and has progressed well. The market was cleaned for waste, as a collective effort by shop keepers and MJT. Waste management infrastructure was provided and co-ordination among all stakeholders facilitated. Awareness raising campaigns were held and the waste management system will be supported by continuous research over the next phases of the project.

Work at the second pilot site, a stretch along the riverside close to the Kya Khat Wine Monastery will start in December 2020 with the support of monastery authorities as well as other relevant stakeholders.

October 25th 2019: A successful meeting was held to present results of phase I of the Environmental Programme between Myanmar and Norway (2015-2018), and introduce the second phase of the programme (2019-2023). The meeting was held at the International Business Center, Yangon with the Director General of Forest Department and Minister Counselor of the Royal Norwegian Embassy, delivering the welcome words. Representatives from institutions of each project under the cooperation programme presented results and achievements of  Phase I. This was followed by presentations of work plans, expected targets and outputs in Phase II of the programme. Participants from implementing partners, line departments and NGOs provided feedback and engaged in open discussions on suggestions and clarifications afterwards. The Deputy Director General of ECD and Ingrid Nesheim (programme co-ordinator, NIVA) provided closing remarks.

You can view the presentations here:

June 4th 2019: The Myanmar Norway bilateral Environmental Agreement proceeds to phase two.

Myanmar has placed high priority on enhancing the protection of its biodiversity and habitats to conserve its natural heritage. However, ongoing deforestation and forests degradation have resulted in decreased forest cover, destruction of habitats and ecosystems, and loss of biodiversity. Norwegian institutions and Myanmar authorities are collaborating for improved environmental management. After four years, The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) has been given the responsibility for coordinating the second phase of the program. Read more at