To identify, pilot and communicate to local stakeholders effective measures and incentives to achieve improved waste management practices. The purpose is to improve source separation and waste collection to reduce waste pollution from land-based sources in Bago township.

Background/ Justification

In this activity there will be involvement of all stakeholders responsible for operationalisation of waste management handling in Bago Township. These actors expressed a strong need for knowledge support to build capacity on local waste management. The research, policy and awareness raising components will contribute to a change of practice in waste management in Bago Township.


  • Compile data and establish a knowledge-bank on existing policies, regulations and best practices on sustainable waste management.
  • Map waste sorting, collection and handling practices in households, public sector and informal sector.
  • Raise awareness on environmentally sound plastic waste sorting and collection practices, infrastructure facilities and consequences of marine litter.
  • Identify relevant and effective waste sorting and collection measures.
  • Identify measures and incentives for waste sorting and collection focusing on small- and medium enterprises in Bago township.